Way I wrote Cinderella
Cinderella’s Secret Diary
Finally, the truth is out.
By: Sara Shai

When a sleepless night becomes unforgettable and extraordinary, one ought to share it.

It was a hot summer night at the Blue Sky Chateau. I got up hoping to find something engaging to read and soon found myself rearranging the book shelves. As I reached the bottom, I noticed that a few strips of the wooden floor were loose. What I discovered in the following few moments was incredible. I was holding in my hand none other than the legendary Cinderella’s diary. The royal stamp on the old leather cover was dated 1659. With astonishment, I began to read about Cinderella’s intimate life with her prince following what has always been known to us as “Happily Ever After.”

Her diary reveals an independent, courageous and beautiful woman who faces challenges and breakdowns with her prince. He is controlling, flirtatious with the beautiful girls in the palace and out of touch. Time goes by and she endures pain and suffering. But the fear of being abandoned and a disappointment to every woman in her kingdom is too daunting so she rationalizes and stays!

Till one day in her greatest pain, she realizes that the harm in her life exists only in her interpretation and that her resistance creates disputes and injuries. As she works with the palace’s tutor, she comes to understand that the “unexamined life is not worth living.” She gains awareness, confidence and hope. As a result, her view point and actions change. Suddenly, like magic, she delights in and appreciates her beautiful life. Her transformation brings the prince closer and, as she steps into his world, they finally truly live happily ever after.
Cinderella’s Secret Diary sets the record straight for women who search for love.

Although the legendary Cinderella has given hope and inspiration to many girls throughout the ages, one cannot overlook the high price we pay when we attempt to fit ourselves into the fairy tale mold.

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