Beautiful in Black

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Beautiful in Black explores the human longing for acceptance, love and freedom.

Sara Shai’s journey to prevail over life’s challenges will touch and inspire the uncharted realms of your heart. Her story is a road sign for the living. Its a magnificent expression of life.


Mariette Hartley, actor, activist, author of "Breaking the Silence" and her one women show "If you get to Bethlehem you've gone too far"

She says:
Beautiful in Black: Conversation with Suicide is an extraordinary and deeply personal account of Sara Shai's struggle with the most difficult fact in many of our lives. What I am so impressed with is the quality of her search…The creative meaning she continues to discover as she writes and sculpts. The incredible gifts that we discover trying to make sense of it all.

This book is a very valuable addition to this search for meaning. I urge people in the thick of the immediate despair to have these words and thoughts pour over them… what a wonderful way to start the process of their healing… Sara has given many signposts along the way.

- Mariette Hartley

This book is an important contribution for survivors of suicide. It affirms both the uniqueness of each individual's grief journey and the awareness that the time of dealing with this horrific event is widely spread across years.

Sara Shai's story demonstrates the compelling need within each survivor to tell his or her story and to come to a relative understanding of loss as well as to find a new normal in life.

From Gail Fox, Former Chair, Survivor Division , AAS

- Gail Fox

Quite a moving experience, the book focuses on a panorama of emotions, ranging from anger and confusion, to grief and eventually to acceptance and forgiveness.

- Ernie Shulman

Beautiful in Black will haunt you since it covers all forms of cruelty that we are taught to 'put up with' in the name of love, or just plain 'getting along'..

- Laura Black

This book is powerful! May it stay in print forever.

- Mary Lippman

This book is powerful! May it stay in print forever.

- Phyllis Eisenberg

Sara Shai gives us the courage to uncover the secrets that keeps us bound.

- Sheila Frazier